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dpm are able to provide services focused on providing support in people management ranging from day to day operational matters, improving HR processes and procedures - through to mitigating potential people related risks to the business.

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Public Sector/NHS/NGO's


What We Do

A process for unlocking the potential of each individual and maximising their contribution to the business. Quite simply, it is continuous improvement for people.

Performance Management

Information and consultation mechanisms and/or negotiations with employee/staff representatives or trade unions.

Employee Relations

May be related to an individual or collective change involving redundancy or a business transfer.


Getting the basics right. We will review existing documents and/or draft new where required. Our key criteria - fitness for purpose, match with the culture of the business, compliance and good practice.

HR Documentation -

T's & C's /Policies/Procedures

Critical business procedures to mitigate risks around dispute resolution - typically handling investigations, hearings, appeals.

Disciplinaries and Grievance

HR Consultant - North West of England and North Wales

Change Management

In today's competitive world if a business stands still it will fail. Change needs to become a way of life focused on adapting and improving at a faster rate than your competitors. The key to successfully implemtenting change is planning and execution..

people management

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Our Approach

In offering these services we are mindful of the timeframes that businesses frequently work with, and also understand that the language of business is money. Consequently, we are committed to quick response times, and can adapt our fee structure to take account of budgets.

Whether your company is a small to medium sized enterprise or larger, we are happy to discuss your needs in the following areas:-